Due to their form stability and lighter displacement, catamarans and trimarans are able to patrol and operate both offshore and in relatively shallow waters. Making them also suitable for roles including anti-smuggling, anti-piracy, law enforcement, SAR and disaster relief. Importantly, when constructed from composite materials, these vessels also offer the advantages of reduced maintenance, operating, and lifecycle COSTs.

This 63 m OPV variant is based on the same wave piercing, efficient, and stable, Trimaran design, which has the distinct advantage of being able to maintain higher average speeds in rough seas. This is crucial when engaged in pursuit and intercepts, and in emergency SAR duty. The main difference is the configuration of the super-structure that enables it to be a true multi-role platform.

The raised command bridge provides excellent visibility, and without missiles the increased volume in the super-structure allows space for dedicated compartments for Ops Centre, training or meetings, a clinic, interview rooms, holding cells, and even seating for disaster victims or humanitarian relief staff. The spacious aftdeck can be used for helo transfers, operating a UAV, RAS, and fire fighting. And the stern incorporates a boat ramp that houses a 12m RIB, plus two boarding platforms close to the waterline for small craft, rescues, and diving ops.

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