The X15 is a development of a well proven design with 11 m, 16 m and 16.5 m variants. 32 boats in various guises are operated by the Malaysian Government, and two 11 m models built by North Sea Boats are in service with the Timor Leste Navy

The X15 has been optimized for tropical conditions, and has a hull-form that combines good sea-keeping proper- ties with a shallow draught, making the X15 ideal for lit- toral inshore and estuarine operations. Experience at the family owned company in Sweden which built over 200 units of the CB9O craft now in operation, allows NSB to incorporate knowledge and improvements into the X15.

With a foredeck hatch and beaching ladder it is suited amphibious operations, plus roles as a rapid response interceptor, in regular patrol work, reconnaissance, sur- veillance, law enforcement, counter-piracy, medical evacuations and rescue operations.

For Technical Data & Specs, see PDF file.


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