The X22 is designed to operate in coastal conditions, and support 12 crew on both short, or extended missions. It is 22.0 m long, has an 8.1 m wide beam, and has inherent sea keeping abilities and increased stability. It has been optimised for speeds up to 30 knots, as patrols are typically conducted at cruising speeds, and most rescues are restricted to medium speeds due to bad weather. This optimization gives the benefits of improved fuel efficiency, lower operating costs, and increased range for a given horsepower.

The ships tender (RIB) is carried for crew transfers, and close-in rescues when it is unsafe for the mother-ship to approach too near. A specially designed hinging deck cradle, allows it to be safely deployed and recovered directly into the water between the hulls, without the use of a crane. The combination of waterjets and a 1.4 m draft, means the X22 can operate safely in shallow waters.

Rescue stations on each side of the vessel, offer stable work areas that are in close proximity to the water. These can be equipped with the latest rescue and lifting apparatus for safe and speedy retrieval of victims. The wide deck allows space for multiple victims, without re- stricting the recovery of others. The vessel can be equipped with additional equipment such as water cannons, to enhance its operational capa- bilities.

For Technical Data & Specs, see PDF file.


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