X2K Fast Patrol Boat

The 11.0 m Fast Patrol Boat is designed for interdiction and interception, and is outfitted with a semi-enclosed cabin that affords weather protection for the 6 crew. The cabin is equipped with a fully integrated navigation, radar and communication package, 2 bunks, and shock mitigating seats to minimise fatigue and enable the team to execute their mission more effectively.

The deep V ventilating double stepped hull combines Sharp deadrise angles forward for soft entry when cutting into head seas, which transition to flatter sections aft for enhanced acceleration, speed and stability.

Fitted with twin outboard motors the boat can operate in offshore and shallow waters, and if needed, make beach landings. Outboards allow good manoeuvrability and acceleration, ease of maintenance, and rapid engine changes.

The foredeck has an opening hatch for operation of a GPMG 12.7mm, and the aft deck can be fitted with two side gunpoints for 7.62mm.

For Technical Data & Specs, see PDF file.


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