X7.5 Multi-Role RIB

The 7.5 meter Multi-Role RlB is based on the same sea-worthy and internationally well proven X8.5 RIB design. It is also suitable for ship or shore based operations, and can perform a wide range of roles including, interdiction, patrol, personnel transfer, diving, SAR, and work-boat duties. Fitted with removable seats, it can carry light cargo, or conduct humanitarian and disaster relief work.

The control console can be mounted forward or aft, and houses the steering, navigation and Communications systems, and is ergonomically designed to allow the crew to operate the boat with maximum efficiency. The targa frame can be stand-alone or incorporated around the console, is used to mount a range of equipment including: Self Righting Systems, radar, antennas, navigation lights, FLIR cameras, etc.

The X7.5 RIB can be fitted with single or twin outboard motors, and is build to CE Standards. Production is under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certified by Lloyd Register Quality Assurance.

For Technical Data & Specs, see PDF file.


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