X44 Racing RIB

This 13.40 meter RIB, is designed as a high performance sports boat for recreational use. Initially it was conceived as a boat to set new power boat Speed/Distance Records in SE Asia, such as Jakarta to Singapore. With a modern ventilating transverse triple-step hull, it is well suited for offshore and coastal excursions, and offers excellent sea-keeping and fuel efficiency. It is capable of speeds of 60+ knots, and because of its length, can maintain higher average speeds than smaller boats.

The ergonomically designed console provides the two boat crew with space for a complete suite of GPS Navigation Displays, Radar and VHF radio Communications. To minimise fatigue and the risk of injury, the boat should be fitted with shock mitigating seating if fitted with high horsepower engines. Shock mitigating seating and driver experience and training are a must for all high performance boats like the X2K …. Especially this one !

For Technical Data & Specs, see PDF file.


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