RIB Range

X2K RIB Interceptor

X2K RIB Interceptor

The 11.30 meter X2K RIB Interceptor, is an advanced high-speed craft, extremely well suited for fast response interdiction, surveillance, patrol, law enforcement, counter-piracy efforts, search and rescue, or medical evacuations.
X2K RIB Special Force

X2K RIB Special Force

Similar to the Special Ops RIB, this model has the helm console mounted forward in the boat, as preferred by some special operations teams. When fitted with twin 300 hp outboards, the X2K RIBs are capable of speeds in excess of 50 knots.


Similar to the Special Forces RIB, this model has the helm console mounted at the rear of the boat, giving the commander and coxswain a clear view forward, enabling them to react quickly as needed.

X9 Patrol RIB

The 9.3 meter X9 RIB is a rapid deployment multi-role platform suitable for Special Operations Units, boarding operations, ship borne duties or regular patrol opera- tions, in both offshore and riverine environments.

X10 Patrol RIB

The 10.5 meter Xlo RIB, has a modern deep V hull design that combines steep deadrise angles forward for soft entry when cutting into head seas, and a planing keel with deep chines for improved acceleration, speed and stability.

X44 Patrol RIB

The X44 is a 13.40 meter RIB designed as a high per- formance Interceptor and Interdiction craft. The modern ventilating transverse triple-step hull is well suited for offshore and coastal operations, and offers stability sea-keeping and fuel efficiency.
X7.5 Multi-Role RIB

X7.5 Multi-Role RIB

The 7.5 meter Multi-Role RlB is based on the same sea-worthy and internationally well proven X8.5 RIB design. It is also suitable for ship or shore based operations, and can perform a wide range of roles including, interdiction, patrol, personnel transfer, diving, SAR, and work-boat duties.
X8.5 Multi-Role RIB

X8.5 Multi-Role RIB

The 8.5 metre Multi-Role RIB is an extremely seaworthy and internationally well proven design. It is suitable for ship or shore based operations, and can perform a wide range of roles including, interdiction, patrol, personnel transfer, diving, BAR, and work-boat duties.

Combat Range

X38 Combat Cat

X38 Combat Catamaran

A 12.40 m stepped-hull, high-speed catamaran design, delivering the advantages of improved sea-keeping, stability, and fuel efficiency, combined with the ability to operate in shallow water.

Fast Attack Craft

The Fast Attack Craft (FAC) employs a modern “Wave Piercing” trimaran design. This allows the vessel to cut-through waves rather than rise up and over them, and the increased beam provides inherent stability. This combination of features reduces both pitching and Rolling.

X12 Combat Craft

The X12 is an 11.7 m long craft designed for patrol and interception roles in tropical areas. It is configured with an enclosed cabin to seat 3 crew members and 8 troops, and is equipped with a fully integrated navigation, radar and communication package, and a head (toilet).

X15 Fast Patrol Boat

The X15 is a development of a well proven design with 11 m, 16 m and 16.5 m variants. 32 boats in various guises are operated by the Malaysian Government, and two 11 m models built by North Sea Boats are in service with the Timor Leste Navy

X18 Tank Boat

The X18 Tank Boat is an innovative, fast, stealthy, and highly maneuverable catamaran design that provides a stable weapons platform for close-in and long range artillery support in normally inaccessible coastal and riverline Environments.

Patrol Range

X38 Patrol Cat

X38 Patrol Catamaran

The X38 Patrol Cat is a stepped-hull high-speed power catamaran design that offers sea-keeping, speed and safety in all operating conditions. It can be configured for coastal and riverine patrol, diving operations, and Search and Rescue (SAR) use.

X19 Fast Patrol Boat

The X19 is very seaworthy high-speed Craft, designed for interception, covert insertion of special forces, landing amphibious forces, interdiction, and paramilitary and civil patrol. Capable of pursuing targets into shallow water and estuaries, it can be armed with a remote stabilized gun, GPMG, grenade launchers, and mines .

X22 Patrol Catamaran

The X22 Catamaran is designed to operate in coastal conditions, and support 12 crew on short or extended missions. It is capable of fulfilling roles including military, patrol, SAR, and disaster and humanitarian relief.

X22 SAR Catamaran

The X22 is designed to operate in coastal conditions, and support 12 crew on both short, or extended missions. It is 22.0 m long, has an 8.1 m wide beam, and has inherent sea keeping abilities and increased stability. It has been optimised for speeds up to 30 knots, as patrols are typically conducted at cruising speeds, and most rescues are restricted to medium speeds due to bad weather.

OPV Trimaran

Due to their form stability and lighter displacement, catamarans and trimarans are able to patrol and operate both offshore and in relatively shallow waters. Making them also suitable for roles including anti-smuggling, anti-piracy, law enforcement, SAR and disaster relief.
X2K Fast Patrol Boat

X2K Fast Patrol Boat

The 11.0 m Fast Patrol Boat is designed for interdiction and interception, and is outfitted with a semi-enclosed cabin that affords weather protection for the 6 crew. The cabin is equipped with a fully integrated navigation, radar and communication package.
X2K Interceptor

X2K Interceptor

The 11.00 meter X2K Interceptor, offer the advantages of seaworthiness, stability and speed from an exceptional race proven stepped hull, but can still be containerized in standard 40" HQ sea container. The longer than average length enables it to maintain higher speeds in rough conditions.