Banyuwangi International Yacht Club

biyc1Banyuwangi International Yacht Club Is an International membership club to promote Sailing, Yachting and other Marine related Businesses in Banyuwangi and East Java.

Membership will represent a diverse grouping of professionals, business persons, retieries and officials, as different as their occupations, backgrounds or families may be, they all sould share one common bond… a passion for the sea.

The club’s long term objective is to introduce the sailing sport to the younger generation, and to be a business association for local and international business that have an interest, private or professional, in the marine industry and marine environment in east Java.

In addition to the club’s commitment to promote maritime business and yachting, we will try to host a variety of social events and celebrations throughout the year. The club will endeavor to hold weekly Friday night after work gatherings (info posted on BIYC’s Facebook site or member e-mail).


There is a long historical tradition behind yacht clubs. According to the date of establishment, the Neva Yacht Club, founded in 1718 in Russia, is the oldest yacht club. However, since this Russian Yacht Club was established by a decree of Tsar Peter the Great, it does not fully qualify as a proper club in the modern sense, understood as a voluntary association of members who organize and run the club.

biyc3Therefore, the Royal Cork Yacht Club founded in Ireland in 1720 is also widely acknowledged as the oldest yacht club in the world, despite having gone through periods of dormancy and undergone name changes in its long history, much in the same manner as the Neva Yacht Club.

It was only in 1846 that the first yacht club in Russia to adopt British-style Members Club regulations was established. Using this Western understanding of what a club or society is, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, KSSS, founded 1830, becomes the oldest European yacht club outside Britain, and the fifth oldest in the world.

A number of the world’s most renowned Yacht Clubs are located in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States. The first yacht club in North America was the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, located on the Northwest Arm in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada established in July 1837.

BIYC Burgees

biyc_xsAlmost every Yacht Club has a unique Burgee (flag) that identifies their member’s boats. There’s a lot written about etiquette on how to fly your Burgee depending on vessel type. Modern sailing vessels fly the Burgee from a lanyard under the starboard spreader on the mast, while older sailing vessels fly the burgee from the main masthead. Power boats fly the Burgee off a short staff on the bow. Yachtees love “Opening Day” when they get to parade their yachts and fly their Burgee.